LP tries her hand at making music. She writes her first songs and starts singing in New York bars with her band, Lionfish. They release two studio albums: Too Much Love and Concrete.

LP releases her solo album, Heart-Shaped Scar. The album is produced by David Lowery and Barb Morrison. A couple of years earlier, David saw her performing with Lionfish and invited her to sing on the Cracker’s album, Gentleman’s Blues (hidden track – “Cinderella” co-written with LP and sung by her), then took her on tour with his band before taking care of her solo debut.

LP releases her second album, Suburban Sprawl & Alcohol. She also extensively tours the US with her band until 2006. Both the album and shows receive very good reviews.

LP performs at the SXSW Festival. A number of labels fight to recruit her. In the end, she gets signed to a major label, Island Def Jam, where she starts writing songs for her next album. Her catalogue swells up fast, but no record comes out. Soon she will part ways with Island Def Jam and will be signed to another label, SoBe.

The song written in Island Def Jam by LP and Billy Mann gets picked up by The Backstreet Boys and appears on their album, Unbreakable. LP is surprised as she never imagined such a thing for herself. This event opens the professional songwriter chapter in LP’s career.

LP signs a publishing deal with Primary Wave. She focuses on the songwriting job after her previous record deals with Island Def Jam and SoBe didn’t work out. She already has a huge pile of songs she wrote there, though, and she gradually gets bigger and bigger cuts with other artists – her songs soon will be recorded by Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, and later also by Rita Ora, Leona Lewis, Cher, Joe Walsh, and many others.

LP is invited to perform a song or two at a glamorous Hollywood club, Bardot. She becomes a regular club act and the city gets electrified by her voice and commanding way of taking the stage. Her admirers take pilgrimage to the place each time LP is about to sing. She realizes she has missed performing, which she hasn’t really been doing since 2006.

LP buys her very first ukulele and instantly falls in love with it. She brings it in for the songwriting sessions as a casual instrument, which she likes to use when she writes lyrics. But unexpectedly, it brings her back to writing her own material. She writes “Into The Wild” and “Someday.”

LP is invited for a writing camp to write a song for Rihanna. “Cheers” gets released on the album, Loud. In 2011, it becomes the 7th single off of this album. It’s one of Rihanna’s favorite songs on that record.

LP signs a contract with yet another major label, Warner Bros. She keeps writing songs for herself in cooperation with Billy Steinberg and Isabella Summers. Soon, the material for her next album is ready.

Citibank picks LP’s song “Into The Wild” for their commercial. It becomes an instant hit and suddenly LP is in demand all over the US. She starts performing extensively at festivals and at many other music events.

LP releases an EP with live versions of the songs she’s about to release as a studio record, promised soon. “Soon” turns out to be the two long years which Warner Bros. takes to produce them.

LP is named the first female Martin Guitar ambassador and gets to design ukuleles with the company. She also gets her own, personally customized for her use. She says, during the Spotify Sessions, that “it’s classic as fuck.”

LP releases her first major label album, Forever For Now. She feels it happened two years too late. She also has a gut feeling that her relationship with her label took a wrong turn on the way, which appears to be right; she and Warner Bros. are about to part ways.

LP gets signed to an indie label, Vagrant, after Warner Bros. dropped her when she played her new songs to them: “Lost On You,” “Muddy Waters,” and “Strange”. Vagrant gives her the artistic freedom to produce the record the way she wants to. Mike Del Rio takes care of the production.

“Panagiotis is his name,” as she says. And Loulourgas is the surname. LP gets a direct message on Instagram in which Panagiotis asks her to put him in touch with her management, because he would like to license the song “Lost On You” for Greece. She answers positively and soon forgets all about it.

While touring the US, LP learns that “Lost On You” has become a #1 hit in Europe, starting from Greece and percolating slowly through other territories. Soon she travels to Europe for a radio and TV promo. “Lost On You” will stay at #1 in Greece for seven months.

LP headlines the festival in Bucharest and then plays two big shows in Greece. Each of these events gathers around 5,000 people. In the meantime, “Lost On You” becomes a huge hit in other European countries: Italy, Romania, France, and Poland, among others.

LP plays a sold out, 15-date tour in Europe in venues of up to around 1,000 people. Her audiences know her songs by heart, even the unreleased ones, which surprises her greatly. She’s awaited and welcomed wherever she goes.

LP releases her next album, 10-tracks long Lost On You, in continental Europe and Canada (the US and UK version will be released in May, 2017 and will include 14-tracks).

LP plays her second sold out tour in Europe. It’s 20 dates this time, and the venues are much bigger, gathering up to a few thousand people. She also plays one show in Africa (Morocco). She blows away her audience everywhere she goes. The critics are in awe.

LP tours the US and Canada. She plays 24 concerts in the most beautiful venues. Although in the US, LP is still less known than in Europe, the vibe at some of her shows is very much reminiscent of her European shows.

LP comes back to Europe to play for somewhere around 40 summer festivals. She headlines some of those festivals. For one show she visits Israel.

LP plays 22 dates in the US and Canada, majority of them sold out. The venues get much bigger compared to her 2017 tour; they gather up to 2000 people.

LP releases her next album, 12-tracks long Heart To Mouth.

LP tours South America & Mexico for the first time, playing 11 sold out shows for over 20 000 people.

LP releases her first live album, Live in Moscow.