About the project

This project was born out of immense passion.

It was late summer, 2016, when we first put the letters “LP” into our search engine. It took a while before we found the artist we were looking for, but when we finally did, we were entranced for good. In fact, all we needed was a single streaming of “Muddy Waters.” And in the fall, weeks before our first LP concert, we had it all figured out.

We’ve always been into culture and different varieties of art, but it has only happened maybe once or twice, that we bore witness to a phenomenon of such magnitude. With LP, first came her voice. Then the magnetism of her impossible live performances. Her unusual originality. Concluded by her songwriting – that creative process which got us for good. If she is not a real influence, an artist who will leave an imprint on contemporary music, then we don’t know who is. And we hope we have managed to get this fascination across through our articles.

We don’t do news and updates as such, we tend to delve into some singular event and pick out its subtleties instead. In particular, we are obsessed with LP’s writing – the outcome, of course, but also, above all, the process itself with all its tiny details. The way the mind, heart and skills come together to produce something as complex and exquisite as, say, “Suspicion.”

The articles we’re writing are interconnected, and you can choose whether to follow the links as per our design, or to rebel and follow whatever tempts your curiosity. We hope that the concept and structure of our website will allow you to dive deeply into LP’s art in a new and interesting way.

This is a living project, a constant work in progress.

We’re excited you’re here!

Zu & Kat

Artists behind the pictures

Veronica Tedderson

All the pictures of LP used for the design of this website are by Veronica Tedderson, apart from the blue welcome picture (as seen on the web version of the site.)

When Veronica picked up her camera to shoot LP for the first time in Zermatt in April 2017, we all already knew each other, and when we saw those pictures, we instantly knew something was up. But only in June of 2017, when V. published her photographs from Kyiv, did it become clear that these were not just another set of concert pictures.

To say they’re beautiful would be an understatement. When we look at V.’s pictures of LP, we just feel right. The vibe is right. There is an emotion behind each and every photo, something intimate, soulful. V.’s shutter catches the most elusive, subtle moments. We’re in awe of her judgement in what pictures to publish. In her camera, LP is different, real, whole.

V., you were the very first LP Pleasures project supporter, a life saver a thousand times over. We are honored to use your pictures. There is no one else for the visual part of Pleasures, but you.

Olga Pavolga

When you enter the LP Pleasures website via your web browser, you see a breathtaking welcome picture of LP, taken by Olga Pavolga during a show in Saint Petersburg.

The moment we saw this photo, almost a year ago at the time of this publication, we understood what kind of talent she was and we instantly checked out her portfolio.

Olga understands people, and she understands light. Her pictures will take you on a journey and let your imagination run. It’s as if you just need to know what the figures she portrays think and who they are, and since there’s no way of truly knowing, one must simply fill in the blanks themselves.

Could there be a better invitation to witness a story than that?

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