Album – LP Spotify Sessions (2012)

Other Pleasures | Mar 07, 2017

Back in 2012 LP recorded a little known live album, released exclusively for Spotify. It was taped live during the Spotify Sessions in 2012 and it is comprised of three songs: “Into The Wild,” “Tokyo Sunrise,” and “Someday.”

LP and the band at Spotify Studios; Photo source:

While you may think that you already know these songs too well, keep in mind that the sound quality during Spotify Sessions is spectacular,  and also, LP commented on each song a bit with her characteristic swag.


LP Spotify Sessions – album 



Spotify: Hi everyone, this is LP and her band of merrymakers. Thank you for joining us today. Feel free to tell us what song this is as you go and we’re just gonna let you rock.

LP: Well, we’re gonna start with “Into The Wild.” And “Into The Wild”… We’ve just played the gig at Citi Bank today. And that’s how that song took on a life of its own and was a pleasant surprise. And then it started running and everybody I know was like, “Oh my god, I saw it five times today!” And I was like, “Wow!” Anyway, I think I’ve said enough.

[Into The Wild]

Spotify: I’ve actually been dying to ask you: between you, Eddie Vedder and Tune-Yards, do you think the ukulele is finally getting its moment?

LP: I think so!

Spotify: You’re also… Aren’t you the first female ambassador for Martin Guitars?

LP: I am, oddly. Yes.

Spotify: That’s pretty impressive.

LP: And I’m getting the ukulele I designed.

Spotify: A signature ukulele!

LP: Yeah!

Spotify: Is it, like, bright blue or…

LP: Hell no. It’s classic as fuck.

Spotify: All right. I can’t wait to see that.

LP: Yeah. Wouldn’t that be awesome if it was a big pinky ukulele?

Spotify: Absolutely.

LP: This song is called “Tokyo Sunrise.”

[Tokyo Sunrise]

LP: Thank you.

[starts playing “Someday”]

LP: I wrote this song with my friend Isa Summers, who’s a keyboard player in Florence and the Machine, and before I was signed [to Warner Bros. – editor’s note] we were just messing around and having a good time and this was first couple of songs – this and “Wasted Love” and “Into The Wild”, like the first songs that kinda set me off on this project. She is awesome. We wrote couple of other songs together.


LP: Thank you so much you guys, had a good time. And thank you for all your support, I appreciate it.