“Come On & Get It” – DJ Dan ft. LP (2010)

Songwriter | Dec 24, 2016

It’s Christmas, a perfect timing for a B horror movie featuring LP’s vocals. And not only vocals – she’s also written a topline for the song, “Come On And Get It.” It’s yet another of her urban pieces displaying her versatile talent that allows her to write successfully for other artists, regardless of their genre or style.

Artwork for the DJ Dan Presents Future Retro album

The song is super bouncy, but at the same time, surprisingly, definitely sexy. The explicit lyrics managed to balance a somewhat infantile track, and the luscious vocals spin it even more towards the non-obvious. Nice. Add all that up and we’ve got one of our favorite songs in terms of the sound of LP’s voice.

Originally, the song appeared on DJ Dan’s Future Retro album. As he told the Resident Advisor, “he aims to celebrate 20 years in the business by showcasing some of his new productions alongside reinterpretations of the songs that inspired him early on.”

But back to the horror. “Come On And Get It” was used on the soundtrack for the thriller, “Shark Night 3D,” in 2011. Different sources report that the movie features the song in its 19th minute, when a group of teenagers arrive at a remote lake house and… [insert the regular B movie follow up.]

But the film aside. Are you sure you’re really down?


“Come On And Get It” by DJ Dan ft. LP – Spotify