Concert in Poznań – LP’s comments (December 13th, 2016)

Other Pleasures | Jan 04, 2017

Another one from us, for you, with love – a transcript of what LP said during her concert in Poznań on December 13th, 2016, the final show of her Lost In Europe tour.

© Marta Rzepka, courtesy of the author

She talked to us a lot from the stage and we tried to capture as much as possible from the different videos recorded during the show.

Please also note how LP coughs and sneezes and what she says about feeling sick. Even so, she didn’t spare herself and gave us a beautiful show, singing her super vocally demanding songs, together with all opera parts, and the stunning final part of “No Witness.” She deserves a crown for that. Thank you!



[Muddy Waters]

Thank you. So how are you, guys? I think it is the last show in Europe, so… The very last show. In Poland! Unbelievable! You guys are so beautiful. Look at you. Thank you so much. Thank you, Poland. Poznań!


Yes! I don’t hear it, Boo Boo. [A child screaming: “I love you LP!”] Do you? Hi! How are you? I heard some of you were out there 10 am. Oh! I heard some of you were out there 10 am. Wow! I don’t know what to say to that, so thank you very much, it’s… that’s intense. Thank you. I’m so excited to be here tonight, on such a beautiful tour, and last night in Warsaw, it was amazing and I don’t… Poland is one of my favorite places. I just… it’s so cool. Everybody’s so cool and everything is awwww, it’s a very cool place. I think it’s, like, the best kept secret or something, it feels like, so you’re guys very, like, “shhh,” because as soon as someone finds out how cool it is, how nice it is here, you’re done. Everyone’s gonna be here. All right.

[Into The Wild]

Oh, SpongeBob, look! Somebody gave me a SpongeBob T-shirt. Polish fan club gave me a SpongeBob T-shirt. It’s SpongeBob with my hair. Playing ukulele. It’s a sequel. Uh-oh, here he comes! He’s coming! Mister photographer, can I have that? He traveled a long way. SpongeBob deserves to be here since he traveled all that way. Thank you.

[Death Valley]

Thank you so much, guys. Wow. All right. How about a hand for Moriah Woods, our opener? Thank you so much Moriah for opening our last night and tonight. Moriah is an American person who lives in Poland and loves it. So I’m telling you, they’re catching up. They’re all gonna move here soon. This is a song of the new record, it came out last Friday and it’s called “Tightrope.”


Thank you so much. The record, the new record has already gone gold here in a week. And… that’s cause of you, guys. This is ‘cause of you. Thank you. Thank you very much. This is another one from that record called “Up Against Me.”

[Up Against Me]

[Other People]

Thank you so much. JD Carrera. I wanna send this fucking snap thing, otherwise it’s gonna go away. Hold on. Poznan, Poznan. It’s with the “z”? It’s with the “z.” All right. Or I’ll do it one more time, let’s see. A little more! Thank you guys so much! Incredible. Thank you. You’re almost out there. OK. Oh shit! There you go. All right. I just had to do it on the last night man. It’s a memory, you know, it’s memorable. What is that? Well… this next song, I really wanna thank you for it, really, you really did a lot for this song, so thank you and… That’s why I met you. That was my way to meet you and it’s a pleasure. I’m gonna see you guys again. We’ll be back in March. It’s already booked. Thank you. There’s a lot of men here, look at that. Yeah, nice. First dudes I see, and I’m seeing a lot of dudes. I’m surrounded by dudes. Hey, there you go! Represent, man! Yeah!

[Lost On You]

Yes! Beautiful. Thank you so much. So this is the new… the newer song. I’m gonna play a couple of songs tonight… couple of songs tonight that are from the record that’s gonna come out next year. Thank you. And… it’s called “Dead Town.” It’s, you know, when you get sick of your town, you know, you love your town, but you get sick of it, sick of that town, or a person in that town.

[Dead Town]

(male voice from audience: LP!) Whazzup? I like that. I feel close to you and you’re so far away. Speaking of that, I mean, it’s really nice, I think, like… not telling you what to do, but… this is one of the songs, I feel, like, you could easily just start slow dancing with the person next to you, so… Actually you guys seem very friendly with each other but, you know, just sticking here around, just say hello to your people in your general area, just like, you know. We need to be together as much as possible these days. Share some love, you know. Love can combat the other bad stuff, so I’m always, like, you know, the more you’re feeling it, you should just go for it. This is called “Old Days.” This also new song, you don’t know it, I’m sorry.

[Old Days]

Thank you so much! JD always has to tune a little for this. It’s a twelve-string guitar. So… what is tonight, is it Tuesday? You guys don’t work or anything. It’s very nice of you, that’s very, very cool. I don’t know if I go out on Tuesday. I might, for you guys. So you guys all make these signs, yeah? The signs that you’re holding up, you make them. I mean, you can’t go to store… No, we go to store and buy it. That’s really cool, thanks. There are some little kids here, really tiny ones. This one – like your earring. Two, two cross earrings. Thank you. So.

[Tokyo Sunrise]

Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you. This is a new song that’s on the record that’s out. It’s called “No Witness.”

[No Witness]

Thank you! Thank you so much. That’s JD Carrera! So… I’ve had such a great time, we’ve had such a great time, we’ve had such a great time in Poland the last two or three days. Beautiful, brilliant one. A fan club in Poland is so beautiful, getting bigger every day, so sweet and I just, thank you guys. Thank you very much. You are filling up this beautiful room. I hope it was good. This is Brian Stanley on bass and Matt Mayhall on the drums, I’ll get out the way, Mr. Matt Mayhall. And… We’ve had such a great time, thanks. You guys completely lift me up. This song is for you.


Thank you so much! Poland! Poznań! Thank you so much! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’ll see you again! I’ll see you again.

[off the stage]

Wow, it’s amazing. What a great sign. “Lost in Poland,” I am. Wow, should stay lost in Poland. I love you too, it’s really beautiful. Thank you. Dziękuję. Dziękuję. I’ve been killing my time saying that [not audible] Dziękuję. I started memorizing that, because I said ‘jacuzzi’ a bunch of times. And then, you guys go to jacuzzi – “Dziękuję, it’s all good.”

[Forever For Now]

Thank you so much. Oh, wow. I’m not sure who did this. You did? I have a question for you. So… Sorry, I finally got the cold that’s been threatening for a while, so I’m sorry that I’m like… it’s starting to kick in. This painting, it means a lot you gave it to me after this song, ‘cause when I started this tour, I don’t want to bring anybody down, but a very, very close friend of mine was killed in Mexico. And he was really, really good friend of mine and those were his favorite songs and he loved my music. He would always call me, like four o’clock in the morning, with messages of all our friends singing to my music, you know. And he was a lovely person. His best friend took this photo of me. And he was so blown away, he was so touched that you painted it. I think he left you a message on Instagram, right? Yeah. So would you mind if I gave this to him? Yeah? Ok. Thank you very much. I appreciate it. It’s beautiful. [not audible] Haven’t done this song on tour at all and I’ll try not to mess it up. [to the security guard] This is like, this is not my job, I’m a security, I’m not… Now you’re Santa Claus, congratulations. Thank you very much. I’ll open that… Wow, it’s a bot-, it’s a bottle, oh, wow, it’s dope! I think the way to keep this, this cold that started to get in there, I’m just gonna drink a lot tonight. So cheers. So this song. It’s the only time we’ve done this song on this tour. So it’s special. It’s called “Night Like This.”

[Night Like This]

Thank you! Thank you so much. My beautiful band, thanks again. Thanks guys. It’s been such a good time and we’re just blown away by what’s happening here. Thank you and see you again, ok? In March. Sing this one more time with me, allright? Have a beautiful holiday, wonderful Christmas and New Year and everything, and whatever you celebrate, enjoy it. And I’ll see you soon.

[Lost On You]

Thank you Poznań, thank you Poland! Thank you so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! Have a beautiful night.


Thank you, Veronica Tedderson, for all your help!