“Halo” & “Halo” – Two renditions of the Beyonce song by LP

Singer | Oct 26, 2017

We have to admit, LP’s “Halo” from EastWest Studios, although admired by so many, is not our favorite rendition of this song by her. But it’s not that we don’t like how LP sings this song in general. It’s just that this particular performance is for some reason too loud, too long, too… something. But really, getting things straight – it’s only about who prefers what within this universe of one ridiculously amazing voice. And so, when we bumped into quite another version of her “Halo,” from Italian Radio Kiss Kiss, we were truly surprised and probably a bit stunned, too.

© Glory Gale, courtesy of the author and Alex Jeffries

We had to see it again, and then another time. First, LP sings the song, but plays the guitar as well! We don’t think we’ve ever seen her perform “Halo” with a guitar elsewhere. And we’ve missed that small Martin guitar, and its distinctive sound, ever since LP replaced it with a different one earlier this year. Secondly, she’s accompanied by Trevor Menear, with his melodic guitar sounding so tenderly here. We love his part, especially that – although he is remarkably talented – the way Trevor used to play LP’s songs is sometimes a bit controversial for us in terms of the arrangement. But not this time, he simply nails it here. It’s such a pleasure to watch them play together. Vocally, she takes your breath away, not only with her power, but probably even more when she sings in low keys. It’s gorgeous how she sang this part:

I found a way to let you win
But I never really had a doubt
Standing in the light of your halo
I got my angel now

She made every ending of each line so fine that we rewound those ten seconds several times for this elusive state of mind: fairy lights, embroidery, sublimity. And when you immerse yourself into the song, after about half a minute you can almost forget that, in fact, it’s the three of them in front of the mic: LP, Trevor, and a radio host squeezed in the middle.

LP and Trevor Menear singing Halo in Kiss Kiss radio in 2016.

Still frame from Radio Kiss Kiss video

Nature needs balance, though – hence yet another spectacular “Halo” by LP, with no fairy lights whatsoever. Instead there are pyrotechnics, fireworks and, pretty much, human cannonballs, let’s just say that. Because what else can be said when LP gives a show off performance with a song that challenging, beer in hand, vocals on command. Lucky people in The Viper Room who got to witness that jaw dropping performance in person. As one of the reviewers said: She smiled, and then giggled, and then tore the house down. You ready?


“Halo” by LP for Radio Kiss Kiss (2016, June)

“Halo” by LP in The Viper Room (2012, April)