“A God In The Room” – LP talks to Diva Magazine (2017)

Interviews | Jul 12, 2017

Today’s thing is a bit more complicated than usual. It’s a beautiful interview which LP gave to DIVA Magazine in April, 2017. We can’t really post it here due to copyrights – the magazine didn’t share it. But the good news is that you can purchase the electronic format of the June issue. Here’s why it’s worth it.

Photo © Michel Comte

Carrie Lyell, from Diva magazine, talked to LP the day after the absolutely mind-blowing show LP gave in the Koko club of London. We were lucky enough to witness that gig and we remember very well the energy in the room. And so we smiled when we read that “she seems seven foot tall as she swaggers into our interview, coffee in hand, with an effortless cool.” No wonder.

First they talked about different venues LP rocked recently. And Koko felt to her “so… communal. I like it when I can see everybody and everybody can see me.” Then they discussed the process of songwriting, and what made us hold our breaths is the moment when LP talked about the spiritual side of it. We love how she explained that there is something very much esoteric to how a song is born. And when she knows that the spirit is in the room, it is such a great feeling. “(…) Like a divine intervention? She smiles. ‘Yeah. Exactly.’” But there are also days with no spiritual support and she elaborated about those moments as well, and how sometimes they are surprisingly fruitful in regards to writing a good song.

And then she talked about falling in love with a woman for the very first time, and how she was kind of observing those thoughts in her head saying to herself that she was gay. And then the conversation jumped into the inspiration for writing “Lost On You,” but somehow what LP said about it to Diva magazine was much more insightful than it usually is when she’s being interviewed about this topic. She told the story of her previous relationship, and how it ended from a very personal angle, referring to her past relationships in general, and she explained she was the one who left. Then she contemplated: “I’ve never been someone’s muse, really.” (Well. That one seems like a very outdated observation…)

Another personal thing LP shared with Diva is that there is this moment in a relationship when one person realises it’s probably the time to break up, and that this particular, devastating moment is something she’s obsessed with and explained that it affects her current relationship as well. She stopped for a minute to talk about how different and peculiar life on the road is. And that the only way she knows how to survive is to “take care of the immediate thing,” that’s all she can do, “because otherwise it’s too overwhelming.”

We’re sure you’ll have a very good read. We did.


✶ “A GOD IN THE ROOM” by Diva Magazine – a short snippet of the interview with LP 

You can read the full interview in the June issue of Diva Magazine