“Lost On You” – Performance for the MNM radio (2016)

Singer | Jan 07, 2017

As “Lost On You” lyrics has been the topic of discussion a thousand times, we would not get back to it without a good reason. But we came across one performance that seems to be the perfect example of what the actual emotion behind this song could truly be. Maybe.

Photo courtesy of MNM

LP said in an interview for Clevescene that the vocals that we know from the record are her very first recording that she did for the demo version of “Lost On You.” She tried to record it again, but it was never as good as it came out the first time:

I was in a relationship I had been in for five years, and shit was going down. […] I knew it in my heart. It was that not so magic moment when you’re like, ‘Am I crazy or is this fucked?’ I had the same thing going on with my label. Something was remiss and off. I just thought, ‘Fuck.’ On the personal side, I realized this person was not seeing what they were doing. That’s where ‘Lost on You’ came from. I wrote that phrase in the back of the van on tour. For my favorite songs, the titles come out of nowhere. That was a good one. That song is a day-of- demo vocal. You can really feel it.

She says she tried to redo the vocals but couldn’t capture the same intensity as the first take.

The day I tried to go back and do a better vocal was a day in the middle of when I broke up with this person, and I was too fucked up to sing. […] I felt like I had a chokehold on my neck. There was a lot of emotions.

LP has spoiled her audience terribly with the number of “Lost On You” performances – it blasted out during the the Lost In Europe tour, at different festivals and myriads of live sessions. Some of them are emotional, some are quite balanced, and some are even cheerful and a celebration for the success of the song. But this somehow shadows the true background and emotion behind the song. Of all “Lost On You” videos, the one for MNM radio is of the utmost gravity for us. In fact, it is so emotional, that it may be hard to watch it twice…


LP for MNM radio – “Lost On You”