“I Love Me A Good Virgin” – LP live for Radio Virgin (2016)

Singer | Jan 03, 2017

Today we would like to share with you one precious & funny live performance that LP did for radio Virgin in France on September 15th, 2016. It was broadcast live on Facebook and the cool thing is that the video is still available.

Still frame from Virgin Radio live video

LP and JD performed two songs: “Lost On You” and a cover of The Chainsmokers song, “Don’t Let Me Down.” Apart from their live stream, both songs were also recorded in very good quality and posted, by the radio, on YouTube. 

But the most interesting part of the video happened before, between and after the actual performance, and it’s available only in the live stream we’re sharing here. It can also give you an idea of what the shoot of a live performance for Facebook really looks like. Prepare to see some beautifully awkward moments. You will find a very short transcript below. Get yourself a beer – and enjoy!


 ✶ LP for Radio Virgin (Facebook live)



[Written on a piece of paper]

“Facebook Live, Le Fab Virgin Radio, LP”

LP: One more time. Hi Facebook. All right, welcome to my world right now. All right.

[Lost On You]

LP: Thank you. Sorry… Smash. Oh boy. Sorry. All right, all right. Can you… can you…please. Thank you. Right. Ready for little Chainsmokers, Facebook? I guess ready. All right.

[Don’t Let Me Down]

LP: All right.

[LP writes on the whitboard: “I love me a good Virgin. LP”]