LP for the BBC – Interview (2017)

Interviews | Mar 13, 2017

London strikes again with another excellent article / interview with LP – and this time it’s BBC Music.

Photo © Michel Comte

LP hardly found time for this one during her short trip to London in mid-February, and she ended up talking to Mark Savage over the phone, which generated an interesting energy for the conversation, which has been skillfully adapted into writing. The BBC goes through LP’s label adventures one by one, almost like at a job interview, and she has a chance to comment more on each step of her complex career. She also sheds some light on her romantic relationships and tells the story of the “Lost On You” genesis from yet another angle. And finally, she comments on her approach to whistling and playing the ukulele – and she nails it, naturally.


BBC article – LP interview: ‘I wrote a Rihanna single on a ukulele’

Some comments from us:

✶ LP commented later on the BBC article’s title, “I wrote a Rihanna single on a ukulele,” in an interview for Radio Eagle 3:

Contrary to an article that was published in… I did not write a Rihanna song on the ukulele. I brought my ukulele to that session. That was a first time I ever brought it to session, just to have, just to… Sometimes I wander off and write lyrics without the track booming in my head. And it wasn’t… oh, I didn’t write the song on the ukulele. When I write songs on the ukulele, they’re for myself, so sometimes I come in with a few chords and a title or a melody or whatever and then we embellish it.

Signed and dropped by three major record labels – three major labels that signed and dropped LP:

  • Island Def Jam Music Group – signed in 2006
  • Sobe – signed in 2010
  • Warner Brothers Records – signed in 2011

I’ve had so many record deals now. I’m like on my seventh one. LP’s record deals:

  • 2001 – Koch-Records – independent label
  • 2004 – Lightswitch – independent label
  • 2006 – Island Def Jam Music Group (Universal) – major label
  • 2007 – SoBe Entertainment (Universal) – major label
  • 2011 – Warner Brothers Records – major label
  • 2015 – Vagrant Records – independent label
  • 2017 – RCA (part of Sony) – major label

Other deals:

  • 2009 – Primary Wave
  • 2010 – 2101 Records

triggering a record label bidding war– after LP’s first appearance at SXSW (South by Southwest) a lot of major labels fought between themselves to recruit LP and work with her.