LP on the Catwalk – Fashion Week Mexico (2015)

Other Pleasures | May 13, 2017

A bit of a lighter one today, and a really dope one! We all know LP is not immune to fashion and we absolutely love her style (those YSLs…) So wasn’t it only natural that back in 2015, she was invited to sing on the catwalk?

Photo credit: Fashion Week Mexico

It was Alexia Ulibarri’s fashion show during the prestigious event, Fashion Week Mexico, which took place in Campo Marte, Mexico City, in April of 2015. The designer, and apparently a great fan of LP, presented her collection, Carlota (fall/winter 2015). During the show’s finale, LP performed “Into The Wild” solo on ukulele. Well, almost solo, as models were strutting down the catwalk just next to her. It’s definitely one of the most interesting of LP’s performances – music and fashion arts joined together to create something very unique.

Alexia Ulibarri’s designs are usually delicate and romantic, but this particular collection was a bit darker and more edgy, as it was inspired by a strong theme: the Empress Carlota of Mexico, both as a politician and a human being. Alexia interpreted the Empress’s power as a ruler of an empire together with all the luxury she was surrounded by, but also her private side and all that comes with it: romance, longing for love, nostalgy, feminine beauty. The collection is full of contrasts though, with strong androgynous twists here and there. There are floral prints and embroidery, fake fur, oversized sweaters, transparent dresses, leather trousers, pearl necklaces. As for colors, they were inspired by Chapultepec Castle – the Empress’s palace and its gardens.

Looking at the collection and LP’s style and personality, there is no wonder she was invited to be a part of this particular show. But have a look for yourselves. We assembled a YouTube playlist for you, comprised of all available videos, where you can have a glimpse of LP singing surrounded by top models and getting a kiss from Alexia at the very end of the show. There’s also one additional link to one video found on another website. Have fun!


LP on the catwalk – Fashion Week Mexico – a playlist