LP for Idolator – Interview (2017)

Interviews | May 10, 2017

And so here’s another interview with LP, this time by Idolator, an American music blog created in 2006. The interview very recent, published only two days ago. You know we’re not after news, but we just had to share this particular one with you as soon as possible. One thing is unique about this interview, something we’d like to point out. When talking to Mike Wass, for some reason LP shared a couple of insights about her craft that made us gasp.

Photo © Michel Comte

Truth be told, we’d like to show you this interview because of one specific answer she gave. At one point, she talked about the way she approaches developing a topline for a track. We were astonished to read about it and at the same time we couldn’t believe that the interviewer didn’t continue the topic of the way she creates music. For her, it may be an issue like any other, maybe even a boring one, this is her everyday life, after all (well, apart from touring periods) But for us, those moments when she opens up and goes deeper than usual into different subjects are priceless, and we wish she could share more of those kinds of stories.

And, in general, it is a real shame that interviewers keep asking her the same questions over and over again, gaining, in fact, little value from her answers, as she has given them already, so many times before (in how many more ways could she possibly explain why and when she wrote “Lost On You”?) But we have to give it to Mike Wass here: he did his research, he asked some interesting questions, he got some good answers, and a couple of beautiful ones.

So here it is for you. For those who already know it – take another look, it’s worth it. For those who don’t – we’re sure you’ll have a good read.


Idolator – LP Talks “Lost On You,” Songwriting & Persistence: Interview

Some comments from us:

By LP’s count, she’s currently on her 7th record deal and 4th major label. LP’s record deals:

  • 2001 – Koch-Records – independent label
  • 2004 – Lightswitch – independent label
  • 2006 – Island Def Jam Music Group (Universal) – major label
  • 2007 – SoBe Entertainment (Universal) –major label
  • 2011 – Warner Brothers Records – major label
  • 2015 – Vagrant Records – independent label
  • 2017 – RCA (part of Sony) – major label

Other deals:

  • 2009 – Primary Wave
  • 2010 – 2101 Records

I like the song you did with Avicii and Otto Knows – he means the song “Back Where I Belong” released in June, 2016.

I was forced to sing a song that, in my mind, I had already given away – she means “Night Like This” which she wanted to give to Shakira