LP talks with Stylelikeu Magazine (2014)

Other Pleasures | Dec 28, 2016

In June 2014, LP talked to Stylelikeu’s online fashion magazine about what she likes to wear and what accessories she picks to complete her look. She talks about her rings, shoes and shirts, and admits that she wouldn’t mind going to the beach wearing Yves Saint Laurent.

Still frame from Stylelikeu video

It’s one of the rare interviews where LP discusses her look, giving brand names and explaining its evolution. And it’s a cool story with LP’s life journey as background. Starring her iconic leopard-print jacket.


LP for Stylelikeu Magazine – video



I don’t go for the classic ideal, obviously, of the feminine beauty, in the clothes. It’s a statement to your house, and I really kind of learned that and respect that. I was always like a tomboy. I had a partner that was a fashion designer. She is very educational, like, get a little tidier, get a little smaller, you know, get more streamline. I think I’ve gotten less baggy and less baggy, and less baggy. You know, it’s like I’ve shrink-wrapped myself.

I’m wearing Saint Laurent right now. This jacket, this shirt, this is a vintage Saint Laurent tie. I feel like blazers always pull it together, like you wear a blazer over a T-shirt. I kind of like to be dressed up. I don’t mind being at the beach in Saint Laurent. I’m wearing Carol Cristian Poell shoes. They’re crazy beat up. They have a sheen like they are a little bit beat up, but no, they really are beat up now.

This earring is like an old, old… a friend’s older brother was a PA on like a Madonna set one time, and this is from one of her videos, back in the day, and he had had it and he gave it to me, and I’ve just been wearing it for over ten years.

This is from Barking Irons. They have some jewelry and they do T-shirts, they did T-shirts for Kings of Leon. And then these are Alex Streeter.

I think that in my teenage years I was more about music and it started to dawn on me that that’s what I wanted to do. I don’t think I really believed you could do it.

I took my mom’s death. She was an opera singer. She never communicated that for me. I was just a kid, I don’t think she wanted that. I think a part of her was not being expressed. A missed opportunity to express yourself sometimes will change the chemistry of your body. And I see it in the way I dress. It’s my expression. Whatever someone’s gonna say, hey, you look a little crazy, you look this or that, you just gotta do it and pursue it. And, the only way I knew how which was just putting a couple of people together and playing in a band and playing out in the city and stuff, and not really knowing and being directionless.

When I had my first indie deal and it didn’t work out, I just was like, “What am I gonna do, I don’t know what I’m gonna do,” and I’m just, like, I’ll just keep making music. Figure out a business of your heart and your dreams, and just keep going.

Being doubted and being looked at as different or weird or whatever totally trumps conforming and screaming inside.


English transcript by Veronica Tedderson, thank you!