LP for Wonderland (2017)

Interviews | Mar 28, 2017

As we are after one Prague show and awaiting another, it’s time for another British interview taken from LP’s trip to London in February, 2017 – the lights are on Wonderland Magazine!

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LP briefly describes what kind of sound we can expect from her new US/UK release (and, apparently, as she said two days ago during her Stockholm show, the European deluxe Lost On You edition,) discloses some facts about the “Switchblade” genesis, and structures her upcoming tour schedule. 

Wonderland ia a London-based modern independent bi-monthly magazine. It offers a perspective on contemporary visual culture – art, design, film, and fashion. The article about LP was published mid-March of 2017.

This is the fourth interview from LP’s short visit to London in February which we love so much. Previously we recommended you: Independent, Newsweek and BBC interviews.

Today’s interview for Wonderland is not as insightful as the previous ones, but it brings a nice twist to what we already know. Below the link to the article you’ll find some additional info as always. Have a pleasant reading!


Wonderland article – LP. On tours, relationships and number ones.

Some comments from us:

So your track “Lost On You” has just been released in the UK – release dates of particular singles and albums differ from country to country, and it can generate a pretty complicated release story:

  • “Lost On You,” as a single, has been released in the UK only recently, while its very first release happened, in fact, in the US on Nov 20th, 2015.
    The album Lost On You, named for the song, was released in continental Europe on Dec 9th, 2016, but both the UK and the US are waiting for its release in their territory, probably in May, 2017.
  • We know from different sources that the version of the album mixed for the UK and the US will include some unreleased songs (“Switchblade” and probably “Long Way To Go To Die,” and maybe some other songs too), so the UK and US edition will be different from the version released here on Dec 9th, 2016.
  • LP clarified this complicated release schedule a bit in saying, during her concert in Sweden two days ago, that in May she also plans to release a deluxe edition of her last album in Europe. We’re really curious how it’ll be handled in the end, as it spreads across different territories.