“Old Days” – possible lyrics

Other Pleasures | Dec 22, 2016

We gave it a try and penned down the possible lyrics for one of LP’s unreleased songs, “Old Days.” We listened hundreds of times to five different recordings dated 2016 (Paris, Moscow, Warsaw, Poznan, and Thessaloniki) and we hope that the lyrics you will find in the new EP or album booklet will be at least similar.

Still frame from “Old Days” performance in Moscow (2016)

LP played this song during the Lost In Europe tour, and earlier in Greece.

The song remains unreleased but LP mentioned that she is going to put it on her new EP or album. And also, here is a bonus to the lyrics – an amazingly sensual performance of “Old Days” from the concert in Moscow (December 12th, 2016):


✶ LP performs “Old Days in Moscow (2016)



I can tell that you’re sorry
But it’s part of the story
A tale that’s older than time
I guess I just worry
All the lines get so blurry
Can we order more wine?

Oh, I miss the days
When everybody kept it close
When nobody had to know
Cause it only hurts me so

Hold me
Take me in your arms
Like it was the old days
When we were in love
You should have told me
When you hit the gun
Just like in the old days
When I was the one

The old me
Would have let you control me
But it’s not like you own me
It’s a matter of mind

I’ll come over
Like a good little soldier
There’s no use getting colder
There’s no wrong and no right