Outstanding Performance – “Alone” at Liner Notes (2015)

Singer | Jul 09, 2017

Today’s the day for something very special – a performance which took our breaths away and left us without the words to describe it. It’s Billy Steinberg’s song “Alone,” sung by LP sitting at a table with her songwriting colleagues during a LA music event. This performance is a thing impossible to google in regards to LP. But we found it, and now we’re different people, and so will you guys be in moments, according to our guess.

LP, Nick Poulios, Billy Steinberg, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, Photo courtesy of Nick Poulios

LP sang it in December of 2015 at the Audrey Skirball Kenis Theater at the Geffen Playhouse during an event called Liner Notes: Songwriters, Stories and Music with Rita Wilson and Friends. Reportedly, LP was Billy Steinberg’s guest. From what we read, it seems to be an extraordinary and refined occasion, but it was possible to be there – all you had to do was buy a ticket for more than a fair price. 

Just imagine: the show being performed in a cabaret setting, where the invited guests sit at the table placed on a small stage in the very center of an intimate venue. They tell stories about songs they sing, while you sip your drink sitting just beside them. Heaven, isn’t it.

LP was accompanied by a piano, which makes this video even more of a rarity, and she was singing with a color she very rarely uses nowadays. “Alone” is a big song and one thing is certain – her version showed the composition’s full beauty, and its always moving and never-getting-old minor to major key change between the verse and the chorus. And of course, there is power, there is intensity, there is engagement in the way she sings, as always, but most of all you can hear a genuine heartbreak in her voice. LP blew away not only us, you can tell it by looking at the faces of all those people who were sitting at the table with her. And she was supported by a truly fantastic pianist, who played “Alone” not only flawlessly, but also fiercely and emotionally, just as this song and this vocalist deserve.


Video – LP singing “Alone”