Outstanding Performance – “Don’t Let Me Down” for the Red Wall Sessions (2016)

Singer | Feb 20, 2017

There’s this song that LP says is one of her favorite songs to cover and, indeed, she chooses to sing it quite often during acoustic sets. And when she does, it sometimes happens that her powerful rendition of “Don’t Let Me Down” steals the show and overshadows all other songs.

Still frame from Red Wall Sessions video

For us, the most intense and thrilling performance of “Don’t Let Me Down” by LP is the one she played for the Red Wall Sessions. Accompanied by Trevor Menear, she was featured as the very first guest of the show and here is a comment on her performance, taken from the FYI Television Network website: As soon as she opens her mouth, it’s clear she doesn’t sound like any other. Her strong vocals are a combo of rock and folk that’s hard to ignore.

LP starts the performance with her eyes closed and she keeps them shut for quite a while, which usually is a promise of something special. She fully engages with the song from the very beginning, and somehow she manages to keep raising the emotional intensity throughout the entire performance. In the second part and towards the end, she seems to be completely taken in by the lyrics, and she sings like it is some final prayer for help and understanding before “losing her mind.” She even changes the usual ending of the song and starts to improvise with her voice and the melody. And this is a truly spectacular variety of improvisation, because once you’re absolutely sure that it is impossible for her to take you any higher with her voice, she does it. And she does it more than once. If you have been looking for a WOW experience lately, then here you go.

Then there’s also a totally separate story of what LP did with the original song, in general. If you are not following American dance trends, you could think that she covers some old, tender blues standard. But all that blues and soul is taken straight from LP’s musical imagination and creativity. Would you ever have imagined that a dance track could ever be transformed into an upstanding and genuine blues song? Well, LP did it.


Video – “Don’t Let Me Down” – LP for Red Wall Sessions



Crashing, hit a wall
Right now I need a miracle
Hurry up now, I need a miracle
Stranded, reaching out
I call your name but you’re not around
I say your name but you’re not around

I need you, I need you, I need you right now
Yeah, I need you right now
So don’t let me, don’t let me, don’t let me down
I think I’m losing my mind now
It’s in my head, darling I hope
That you’ll be here, when I need you the most
So don’t let me, don’t let me, don’t let me down
Don’t let me down
Don’t let me down

Don’t let me down, down, down
Don’t let me down
Don’t let me down, down, down

Running out of time
I really thought you were on my side
But now there’s nobody by my side