Outstanding Performance – “Little Lion Man” (2011)

Singer | Jan 14, 2017

Sure, LP’s performances are great. Sure, she’s definitely an amazing live performer. Sure, you can see she was born to rock the stage. But there are times when, while watching her perform, you have to ask yourself: Is this real? Or have I just entered musical heaven?

Still frame from “Little Lion Man” performance

We believe that one of those times was when LP performed “Little Lion Man” on June 8th, 2011 in Los Angeles. We are so grateful to the wonderfully considerate person who recorded this amazing performance. 

“Little Lion Man” was Mumford & Sons successful debut single, released in 2009. The song received a Grammy nomination for Best Rock Song, and after Mumford & Sons’ performance at the Grammys, it reached #45 at Billboard Hot 100 chart. LP sang a cover of “Little Lion Man” during the Hip Hipsteret show, which was a Rock’n’Roll Theather live show organized from 2010 to 2011 in Los Angeles. We found a review by Kick Kick Snare from that particular night for you, so you can feel the atmosphere of the room and the response from the audience:

The first time I heard LP live was completely at random. I was at a friend’s cabaret show, astutely named Hip Hipsteret, and they invited LP up to sing a tune. Up walks this tiny little thing, with gloriously curly brown hair, and an awesome androgynous style that I’m sure the Jonas Brothers envy and covet. Then she just murdered a Mumford and Sons song. Seriously, the entire room was either trying to pick their jaws up off the bar floor, or singing along in a very non-Los Angeles, non-hipster fashion.

And here’s one of the comments posted on YouTube:

This chick knows good music!

She does, doesn’t she. So, here it is for you to enjoy – LP’s nonchalant rendition of “Little Lion Man.” Forget the quality of the video, just prepare for a truly outstanding performance.


✶ LP performing “Little Lion Man” – Hip Hipsteret