Outstanding Performance – “Someday” (2011)

Singer | Jan 18, 2017

Is it possible to sing opera while sitting in a chair, with your legs up, not really caring? Well… you need LP’s talent and swag to do that. Today we have for you a video showing the cumulation of all this, in every aspect. It was recorded in December of 2011, in Los Angeles, in Soho House.

Still frame from “Someday” performance

The video recorded in Soho is quite special and it lets you experience LP’s performance in a very different way. You are able to see the reaction of the audience while, at the same time, the camera is right behind LP. Soon after she starts singing, she jumps off the stage and mingles with the people in the club.  The video itself is beautifully shot and gives us rare opportunity to see one of LP’s club performances in LA in good quality.

The video was posted on YT four years ago, and you can find some interesting comments there. Here is our favorite one:

Albert Vega: “Why the hell aren’t you FAMOUS?!”

“Someday” is a song LP wrote with her friend, Isabella Summers (Isa Machine, a member of the Florence and the Machine band). It was the first song LP wrote when she returned to working on her own material. Before it got released on Forever For Now, the live version had been available on the EP Into The Wild – Live in EastWest Studios (2012).

You can tuck a pillow under your jaw at 2:36.


LP singing “Someday” – Soho House in LA