“The road is like Vegas” – LP for AMG (2014)

Interviews | Nov 05, 2017

What a nice coincidence – an old interview, with LP’s thoughts on touring, somehow popping up right before her short Euro Tour this fall. Emily Reinecke from Atlanta Music Guide did a fantastic job. We love the style of the interview, for you can clearly see that it hasn’t been edited too much, and you can easily “hear” LP talk. It gives us quite the rare opportunity to see touring through her eyes.


© Robb Cohen Photography & Video, courtesy of the author

Here’s a snippet of the conversation, to give you some flavor of it:

AMG: Do you have any strange of funny stories from the road?
LP: We were in the backwoods in this random, random Starbucks and then Montell Jordan said ‘hi’ to me. The girl he was with said she liked my shoes. If that’s not awesome, I don’t know what is. I don’t know, there’s a lot of things that happen on the road that can’t be spoken of. The road is like Vegas. Things happen. 

Apart from touring, LP talks chaos and structure, boredom and wild experiences. What does validate her writing in her eyes? Could she share any funny stories from the road? Does she feel comfortable being compared to Janis Joplin? What is harder for her: writing or performing, and what does John Lennon have to do with it?

The next day after this interview, LP played a show at the Parklife Festival. Here, let us just quote Paste Magazine:

For sound check, she chirps and chatters into the microphone like a chipmunk until satisfied that ‘OK, we’re cool.’ Then she opens her mouth, and anyone in the crowd who has never heard her before is immediately spellbound by the voice that pours out.

No surprises here. Still, if you need some visuals for that, there are two short amateur videos from that day, you’ll find the links in the sidebar. Enjoy!


AMG interview – Q&A with LP