“Road To Ruin” – the album version (snippet)

Other Pleasures | May 04, 2017

We have another rarity for you guys! Something we were thrilled to discover quite a while ago and just couldn’t wait any longer to share with you. Did you know that there was a special release of the Forever For Now album for the Japanese territory, with a bonus track?

Artwork for LP’s album, Forever For Now

You may already know this song from live performances. It’s called “Road To Ruin” and it was included as the 13th song on the Japanese version of the album. According to info on Wikipedia, LP wrote “Road To Ruin” together with Isa Summers, but we couldn’t cross-check it with any other source, so we’re not sure if that’s correct. For some reason, the Japanese booklet includes a long list of credits for this song apart from the most important one: who LP wrote it with. From other credits that are listed there, we can learn that the song was recorded at Lightning Sound Studios and East West Studios (both located in CA) and that it was produced by Rob Cavallo (of course). And, apparently, the guitar part for this song was played by Tim Pierce and… Joe Walsh!

Reportedly LP regretted the song didn’t make it into the “standard” version of the album. And indeed – its character is pretty much in line with the Forever For Now sound. It’s also catchy, with beautiful guitars and drums. Lyrically, it brings the atmosphere of a journey and something inevitable waiting along the way. But before it happens, there are still some chances ahead. And some choices to be made, too. Production-wise, LP’s voice hasn’t been altered too much compared to most of the other songs recorded for this album. Still, just as with almost every track there, the song itself has been thoroughly polished. But we’ll talk some other time about that issue.

The full song is not available online, but we have for you a snippet from one of the Japanese pages. The song’s pace is perfectly matched its title – one feels like jumping into the car, putting the radio on, and heading somewhere, say, Mexico…

Good news – it’s still possible to buy the Japanese edition for a reasonable price (Amazon, eBay, etc.) if you’d like to have it. Important: the photo we’re posting here are not photos of the cover of the Japanese edition, it’s a photo off of a booklet you’ll find inside the CD. As for the cover, it’s pretty much the same as the standard version, but there may be some Japanese stickers put on it.


“Road To Ruin” snippet (scroll down and click on the play button)