LP during Zermatt Unplugged – two interviews (2017)

Interviews | Aug 09, 2017

Last time we shared with you our impressions from LP’s acoustic show, which she gave in London back in July. We couldn’t really yank ourselves out of that “acoustic” mood and our thoughts were orbiting around those vibes. Naturally, it was mainly all about London/UTB, Warsaw/Trójka and Zermatt – our acoustic moments with her.

Photo credit: ONEfm

We already wrote a bit about the Zermatt Unplugged festival and our impressions from LP’s concert. For us it was pretty amazing experience for a good bunch of beautiful, almost magical reasons. There were also some annoying details to that festival which made us swear, even more than usual (and we do), and because of which we would gladly ask the organizers some pointed questions (and we didn’t). But who cares about the lousy sound system when you’re in the front row, so even if it was decent, or even great, you wouldn’t be able to hear better anyway. Who cares about anything when the setlist includes “Dead Town” and “Old Days.” Finally, who cares about much of anything when she is up there singing the final part of “Tokyo Sunrise” ten inches from your face, so you can hear not only her real, unprocessed voice, but also you can clearly see that this impressive singing power comes not from her lungs only, but from her whole body… Striking, beautiful, unforgettable.

LP spent a little more time in Zermatt than in other locations during the Smoke Em If You Got Em tour. She gave a few interviews there and we have two of them for you today. The first one was given to Canal9 and is not super insightful, but it’s here also for your viewing pleasure. The second one, given to Radio One FM, is probably a bit more informative. She stresses here that LP became her true name and she just doesn’t relate to Laura anymore. Also, she explains that the singing comes second for her, after the songwriting, which she considers to be her main profession. The interview was recorded in audio format only and is currently available only thanks to @imlp_fan_ru, who put it on her IG page back in April (thank you a million times!). Transcripts and a translation of both conversations below. Enjoy!


Video – interview in Zermatt for Canal9

✶ Interview in Zermatt for Radio OneFM.ch: Part 1  | Part 2  | Part 3  | Part 4  | Part 5



CANAL 9: Good evening, LP!

LP: Bonsoir!

C9: Welcome to Zermatt!

LP: I’m very excited to be here.

C9: It’s your first time here, in Zermatt?

LP: It is, actually, yeah.

C9: How do you find it?

LP: It’s ridiculously beautiful, it’s nothing else to say but that, really. The Matternhorn, I’ve never seen it in real life, so that is really cool and breathtaking.

C9: Did you organize your stay in order to be able to enjoy the place?

LP: Yeah, we got here yesterday and we just couldn’t believe it. We had a really nice walk around, and then waking up here is pretty great. And we’re gonna be here till about 9 o’clock tomorrow.

C9: Perfect! After this one, you also have a concert planned in Thônex, and then the Montreux Jazz Festival where you play with Pete Doherty. You sure know the Montreux Jazz Festival?

LP: Yes, I’m very excited to do that. It’s an honor to be included in that line-up.

C9: Today you take part in an acoustic festival. Is it something you like a lot, the acoustic music?

LP: Of course, yes. There’s a time and a place for everything, but I love acoustic performances for sure. Especially of bands that aren’t usually acoustic, it’s kinda cool to see that, the different side of a band.

C9: You are now on your European tour, all this started with the song “Lost On You,” which is a sad song, but it led to something good…

LP: Yes, these kind of really difficult life experiences that are translated into song sometimes really connect with people, it’s cool.

C9: But it’s based on a sad story.

LP: Yes, it was very sad time and a sad story. There was a lot of things going on at that time in my life. My professional life was kinda crashing and so was my romantic life. A lot was going on. I’m glad that I was able to get a good take on it. And I can get transported back there really quickly.

C9: Before this adventure with “Lost On You,” before this album (I’m going to show it, here it is,) you wrote for numerous artists including Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, the Backstreet Boys, and now comes the moment when all the world gets to know you.

LP: Yeah, it’s very cool. It was unexpected. I was dropped from my previous label after they heard that song, so I didn’t think that that song was gonna do anything anywhere. I mean, I wasn’t sure. I was doing okay as an indie artist and a songwriter as well for bigger artist for years. I was just living my life and then this happened and it’s been very cool.

C9: Do you continue to write for other artists?

LP: Yeah, I have about three songs right now on different artists’ records. I haven’t had a chance to write that many for anyone recently, but I think I’ll always do that, because I enjoy it and it’s something that makes me take a break from myself which is always nice.

C9: Thank you so much, LP, and we wish you a great concert tonight in Zermatt! Thank you very much!

LP: Merci beaucoup. All right. Me too.



One FM: During your whole childhood people called you LP, was that your nickname?

LP: Yeah, it started with friends, it wasn’t as much family, but then it really started when I started playing music the most. There were some groups of friends that didn’t call me LP and some that did. And when I started to really get into music more, it became the name. And then I just didn’t… I don’t really relate to Laura anymore.

One FM: [“Lost On You” playing in the background] A huge success, this song, and it talks about a break-up with your girlfriend. Do you still think about it when you sing that song every single time, for instance maybe tonight in Zermatt?

LP: Sometimes I do, but I think I more so, as tour has been going on and on… I feel like you can’t think about it every night. I started thinking about what it means to other people I’m singing it to and I’m thinking about how many different relationships all these people have been through or are in now.

One FM: You were a songwriter also and you wrote songs for so many people, like Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Cher. How does it feel to write a song, are you still proud of that?

LP: Of course, yeah.

One FM: And how was it?

LP: It was amazing. I feel as I look at my career as a whole more so. I don’t focus, even right now, on what’s happening. I think of myself as a songwriter first and foremost and that is what drives me to keep writing songs that I relate to and somebody else can relate to. That’s what really turns me on as far as being an artist. The singing is amazing too, but the songwriting is first for me.

One FM: Now that you have an incredible success, are you gonna keep the best songs for you and not give it to the others?

LP: It depends, if it fits me I will. I feel like I have gotten better… well, I don’t wanna say better… It’s very clear to me now which songs are for me, so I don’t worry about it. I think I can tell when something is for somebody else. I think I will probably keep, yes, the best for myself.

One FM: You already came to Switzerland, to Zurich. Here in Zermatt, how do you feel? This is a special place with the mountains and everything. How do you feel tonight, before your performance?

LP: Incredible! Again and again, my life amazes me as far as beautiful places where the music takes me. Even to beautiful people. This is one of the most beautiful places I possibly have ever been to, so I’m just gonna enjoy it and be grateful about it. If feels good.


Thank you Veronica Tedderson for your help with the French-English translations!