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Concert Impressions | Dec 06, 2017

A year is such a long time, and yet so short, no more than a moment. But in LP’s career, it’s forever, and we understood that right after we played ourselves the Lido show today. We only wanted to watch it to structure our story, yet it turned out that it wouldn’t be any of those “song-by-song” concert stories. It’s a story about evolution instead. Read more

Concert Impressions | Aug 30, 2017


Oh, you Italians! You are one of a kind. We don’t always follow your complicated way of narrating a story or giving directions, and you embarrass us with your amused gaze when we order our cappuccino in the afternoon. Read more

Concert Impressions | Aug 07, 2017

For the last few months, we have been repeating that “Muddy Waters” is oh-so-great choice for the opening song for zillions of reasons, including the suspicious procedure of casting the spell and entrancing the audience. Well, this is all true, but in London LP made us blush as we realized that it’s not about “Muddy Waters” as such, and it never has been, it’s simply about herself. Read more

Concert Impressions | Jun 13, 2017

When you are an adult (for a longer while) and you’re already done with your teenage-twenties rock’n’roll days, and your favorite entertainment becomes to hang out at home, it takes something really big, closer to an atomic bomb, to make you get up, pack your suitcase, and wander around Europe in the airport-hotel-club-bar-hotel-airport-club-bar mode for a month. Read more

Concert Impressions | Apr 28, 2017

LP’s tour-opening show in Stockholm, we watched from the front row. For the tour-closing concert, we chose quite the opposite perspective: the top-most balcony with a perfect view of the entire stage. No close ups – true. No eye contact – true again. No chance to see any of those delightful details – alas. But this time we came for the full picture, with no distractions. Read more

Concert Impressions | Apr 15, 2017


The front row is the worst. You can hear nothing, you can see nothing, everything is too close and too intense, you notice mostly the tiny details and miss the full picture, and what you get left with in the end are not clear memories, just ethereal impressions. Read more