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Feature Stories | Nov 09, 2019

When you get older, plainer, saner
Will you remember all the danger
We came from?

It’s been almost four years since “Lost On You” exploded across Europe. In our old Europe, where the entry threshold for a US artist is truly high. Read more

Feature Stories | Jan 07, 2019

Zu: Same here! What’s more is I was surprised to discover this cohesiveness, as prior to the release of Heart To Mouth, LP was describing the album in her interviews as eclectic and being kind of a collection of songs which simply sound good together. And they really do, but it’s just a little too humble of a description, wouldn’t you say? There’s much more to the full body of work that Heart To Mouth is. Read more

Feature Stories | Dec 10, 2018

Zu: Listening to unfamiliar music, as much as it’s thrilling, is demanding, no matter if you like the artist or not. Actually, perhaps all the more so if you like the artist. I guess it’s different for everybody, but when I put a record on for the first time, my head starts to play tricks on me and tries to solve every equation and find the answers instantly, or even ahead of the curve. Read more

Feature Stories | Feb 03, 2018

When we look one year back, we clearly remember this vibe, this magical tension hanging in the air. People were impatiently looking forward to LP’s 2017 American tour, and the closer it got, the more this impatience showed. Several days before the first concert LP rocked three major American late night shows. Her performances on Jimmy Fallon, James Corden and Conan turned out exquisite, and won both the critical acclaim and the admiration of newly entranced fans. Read more

Feature Stories | Aug 03, 2017

But back to “All I Want” and LP’s take on it. It’s no surprise that we love it – LP is an emotional singer and performer, hence the second verse of “All I Want,” that she got to sing, was a perfect choice for her. Especially as for all the lyrical lines, the four she sang were not only the most interesting, but also the most moving. Read more

Feature Stories | May 25, 2017

You probably need to live in LA or somewhere else in California, or at least in the freaking US, to fully grasp the phenomenon of Hollywood music clubs. So this will probably be kind of, well, interesting (at best) to tell the story of LP & The Sayers Club from the European (and outsider) perspective. Read more