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Interviews | Apr 07, 2019

It’s mesmerizing, observing how American and European cultures interestingly clash: the English language, made for poetry and vagueness, meets, say, the Polish sensibility with its exacting and precise usage of words, perhaps even to the point of being rude or inappropriate to some outside ear. Read more

Interviews | Nov 06, 2018

The spring of 2017 was such a busy time for LP; she was in the crossfire of two major tours, her European and American respectively, with three prestigious American late night TV shows squeezed in between them, as well as the premiere of the US edition of her Lost On You album on top of it all. Our guess is that the conversation with Maiya Sicklin took place around LP’s tour-closing show in Koko Camden, back in late April. Read more

Interviews | Sep 09, 2018

The last two summers, or perhaps even three, LP spent playing mostly in Europe, but before “Lost On You” landed on the European charts in 2016, she had spent a couple of her summers playing a whole range of different American festivals and events. Read more

Interviews | Aug 13, 2018

Or, often, we read… Oh, we love us a good written LP interview from time to time. And this BMI interview we have here is really well done, and it’s all about songwriting, so how could we possibly resist. LP is really generous in sharing insights about her craft here. Read more

Interviews | Jul 04, 2018

The interesting thing about Nic’s programme is that his guests are invited to exactly the same set of 21 questions. Meaning, every single person is asked exactly what the others were. One could think that this might turn out generic, that it’s a gimmick, a journalist’s clever idea, easy to get away with, to invest little and to get a huge return. Read more

Interviews | Jun 06, 2018

John Patrick Gatta, a freelance journalist and photographer, who talked with LP for the Relix Magazine’s spin off, Jambands, asked LP some really good questions. And didn’t ask any meager ones! They talked in the early fall of 2014, a couple of months after the release of LP’s first major label album, Forever For Now. Read more

Interviews | May 02, 2018

The interview happened on February 11th of 2018, between two of LP’s San Francisco dates from her Winter American Tour. The questions start-off from LP’s private life and go through her then-upcoming Coachella show, then on to her European success, and the “Greek Guy” set of events. While most of that seems like a quite standard list of topics, it’s the way that the conversation went around each of them that really set the uneasy mood of this interview. Read more

Interviews | Mar 31, 2018

The interview for LOS40 she gave in November of 2016 is just a regular radio interview, a meeting between the artist and the host, and the aim probably wasn’t to make it the most sophisticated thing ever. Yet, there are two or three split seconds when, while listening to LP’s conversation with Tony Aguilar, you feel touched, moved, somehow lost in thought.Read more

Interviews | Mar 11, 2018

Sounds pretty standard, doesn’t it? But it sure wasn’t – at World Cafe LP gave one of the most stirring interviews ever, and the way she sang “Lost On You” there remains one of her best performances. The host, David Dye, did an excellent job, just as a prominent music journalist would. He was prepared, he knew exactly what he was talking about, and you could tell he knows the music business inside out. Read more

Interviews | Mar 05, 2018

The interview was originally published in French, even though it had been conducted by the Moroccan journalist in English, but then translated into French for publication. And then, what we did was we asked a woman of many talents, Veronica Tedderson, to translate it back from French to English so that we could work with it a little bit and finally publish it here. Read more

Interviews | Jan 19, 2018

LP talked with 98.9 WCLZ in Studio Z on January 20th of 2017 in Portland. It’s an absolutely beautiful and intelligent conversation (it doesn’t get any better in life than when beauty and intelligence come together, does it?), based, surprisingly, on some of the answers that LP gave during her European interviews in the summer of 2016. Read more