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Other Pleasures | Jul 24, 2019

This has all been stunning, and particularly because of one thing – as a singer and performer, LP really doesn’t have to prove anything to anybody. We couldn’t imagine there would be any expectation for her to outdo herself yet again. At this level of artistic mastery, that would simply be wrong. Read more

Other Pleasures | Jan 22, 2019

Lauren and LP did a bit of collaboration on “Sheet Stains”- the sixth song on Lauren Ruth Ward’s debut full length album, Well, Hell (2017). And although she’s not mentioned in the credits, you can clearly hear LP singing backing vocals on this track. Which makes sense – Lauren’s husky color with LP’s shrill yet muffled voice create this sudden juxtaposition, amplified by a looped guitar riff. Read more

Other Pleasures | Dec 14, 2017

LP wrote this song with her mentor, Billy Steinberg, alongside Billy’s long-time songwriting partner, Josh Alexander. It could have happened around 2011, when LP was writing songs for her then upcoming record, Forever For Now. They were collaborating extensively back then, as they also wrote “Savannah” and “Salvation” together, each of which made it onto the album (and also “Magic,” which will appear on the deluxe version.) Read more