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Singer | Aug 03, 2019

Never before has it been more tempting to go on about our perception of LP’s lyrics. “One Night In The Sun” just boils and freezes one’s conscience in singular still frames of the hazards of an ending love. And LP, as an experienced heart surgeon, is very precise and clever with her cuts. The words are so dazzlingly brilliant. Maybe the best we’ve ever read from LP. Tangible, sensual, sunburnt. Read more

Singer | Nov 24, 2018

Many different elements combined to form how special this entire show seemed to us, even before it actually happened. It was LP’s first gig of 2017 and also her first event after she had spent a few months playing almost exclusively in Europe, finishing the year with her intense Lost In Europe tour in mid-December of 2016. So, when this petite American performance was announced, all the eyes of Europe were upon it Read more

Singer | Sep 26, 2018

The acoustic version of “Tightrope” from Paris has this intensely hallucinatory effect on us. It’s hardly a new observation that the more LP strips her songs down, the more exhilarating they become, saturated with what seems to be her own laser focused emotion, holding you down and relaxing her grip, in turns, while not even looking at you in the meantime, as for the greater part of this Parisian “Tightrope,” her eyes are closed. Read more

Singer | Jun 16, 2018

The Sofar Sounds performance instantly reminded us of yet another rendition of “When We’re High” that left us speechless. Interestingly, that other one was so very different when it comes to the vibe. It was a backstage thing that took place during the Hangout Festival, and was meant to be just a simple, casual set up of only an interview with a couple of songs sung in between questions and stories. Read more

Singer | Apr 08, 2018

It’s peculiar, the way we came across The Mars Volta. It was some ten years ago, on some old pen drive of unknown origin, when we found an mp3 off The Mars Volta’s second album, Frances the Mute (2005). The music got our attention right away. Quite likely, the way the band loosely speaks with the early work of Pink Floyd did the trick. Read more

Singer | Feb 26, 2018

It’s probably a bit late for this, 15 months in, but we feel we should explain the idea behind our “outstanding performance” series. An interesting thing about the general idea of standing out is that there’s always some grabbing element to it. And whenever you get to be the receiving party, you’re granted this rare opportunity of letting it influence you in some peculiar way. Read more