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Songwriter | Oct 04, 2019

And it wouldn’t hurt to loosen up every now and then. Cher is Cher, and she’s fabulous. Whenever the conversation leads up to her, that’s the ultimate conclusion. Come on, not every single thing you put on has to carry this straightforward arty vibe, right? Read more

Songwriter | Jun 24, 2019

Heading back to earth. Houston, we have a problem: sometimes it’s hard to say what exactly doesn’t work when two parties want the same thing but, for some reason, are just not able to make it happen. Like with the music industry – the business model seems to be pretty uncomplicated: artists sell, people buy, yeah? Read more

Songwriter | Mar 18, 2019

“No Witness” is a bit like a sip of vodka, offered up by a splendid, rapacious stranger on a slow night train from Lviv to Odessa. Or perhaps a street cut drug. You are not sure what’s safer – to go for it or refuse the invitation. And you somehow feel that the choice is only some rhetorical issue, for your fate has already been decided: you’ll be rendered blind or end up in some kind of paradise. Read more

Songwriter | Feb 26, 2019

Two hours – LP had that little time to write her part for “Day By Day.” She got the track from Swanky Tunes, who had just written it on the other side of the globe, in Russia. As an experienced topliner, LP has obviously heard hundreds and hundreds of tracks from different DJs and producers, and when she gets a new track, she never knows what she’s going to be working with. Read more

Songwriter | Feb 18, 2019

Circa 2007. LP and Rancid’s Tim Armstrong are writing songs for LP’s new album, scheduled for release in 2008. Among other songs, they write “Hi-Roller Baby.” | Joe Walsh is about to release his first, all-new album with the Eagles in the past thirty years, Long Road Out of Eden. Read more

Songwriter | Jul 13, 2018

Oh, we love ourselves a few good pop tunes. They can pump up your energy sky high, regardless of their topic. (Just take a look at what we have here: in “Every Day” there’s this intense heartbreak, while in the second one, “Nothing To Lose,” there’s a story of how one can screw up a relationship that was actually really something. Pretty miserable, isn’t it, so why are we dancing?) Read more

Songwriter | May 29, 2018

When you play yourself LP’s 2014 album for the very first time, and when you hear its bursting opening track, “Heavenly Light,” it prepares you for everything but for how the album ends: with a quiet, gentle ukulele, tender whistling, and vocals with something inconsolable to them. Read more